Twitch screenings occur at the end of the quarter/semester as a way for students to have an opportunity to show their work to their friends, family, peers, and the general public. In the future, I hope to expand these screenings to showcase other new media artists' works as a way for students to learn about artists in the field and understand the process of making new media works.
Virtual Exhibitions
Screenshot of student exhibtions Section C
Screenshot of student exhibition Section D
Media Arts and Design Practice 2023
Opened 5/26/23
"When you pause to consider the prevalence of screens in your immediate surroundings, it becomes clear how media arts and design significantly impact our learning, work, play, thinking, actions, and communication. The showcased works in this virtual exhibition represent the creative endeavors of over 120 students who participated in the Media Arts and Design Practice course at the University of Chicago. This course encompasses various digital artists and their artworks, focusing on creative misuse of technology, intertwingularity, and our digital presence."