As an educator specializing in visual arts, particularly new media, I aim to create an inclusive and equitable learning environment where students can feel empowered to explore, question, and embrace the learning process at their own pace without fear of making mistakes. I understand that not all students may have prior knowledge or familiarity with subject-specific terminology and ideas, so I make sure that course materials are accessible to everyone. Students learn about art and media through multi-modal teaching, including creation, history, and research techniques. It's crucial for students to be aware of current events and how their media consumption affects their views and projects.  My main goal is to help students develop an appreciation for art and gain a broader understanding of the world through my courses.
Lecturer (Media Arts and Design), University of Chicago
   Digital Media II: Extended Reality with Unity (Introductory course on AR/VR)
         Taught: Spring 2024
   Media Art and Design Practice  (Introductory course on New Media)
          Taught: Spring 2023, Spring 2024
   Introduction to Immersive Environments  (Introductory course on WebXR)
          Taught: Winter 2023
   Body + The Digital  (Introductory New Media and Gender Studies course)
          Taught: Spring 2022, Winter 2023, Fall 2023

 Visual Arts Teaching Fellow, University of Chicago
   Visual Language: On Time and Space  (Introductory 4-D course)
          Taught: Spring 2021, Fall 2021
   Visual Language: On Images (Introductory 2-D course)
          Taught: Winter 2021, Spring 2021

Pedagogical Training
  2023 Pedagogy Fellow, Chicago Center for Teaching and Learning, University of Chicago
  2021 Teaching Effectiveness Seminar (Visual Art Specific), University of Chicago
  2020 Course Design and College Teaching Course, University of Chicago
*Course Materials and Student Work Available Upon Request